What is Google is Mobilegeddon?


Mobilegeddon: A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

This algorithm directly influences the search results of the mobile device, which we will give a full explanation of.

Do you know what the MobileGeddon mobile algorithm is?

Google was introduced for the first time in 2015, which eliminated the implementation of improved mobile search results, which had a huge impact on-site visits, and even the hits of many sites fell sharply as a result of applying the algorithm of Gadon’s mobile.

This Google algorithm examines various ways to rank sites in mobile outcomes, which we will give a more detailed description of.

Gedon’s mobile algorithm according to what factors are ranked by the sites

Gedon Mobile affects mobile search results in many ways, as follows:

Site reactivity: The reactive or responsive site means changing the site for mobile, tablet and computer monitor. Take a look at the picture below:

What Is Mobilegeddon?

If your shell does not have a reactive mode, the text is loaded in small numbers in the mobile and the user must zoom in to read the text, which will penalize you with the Gedon mobile algorithm, and you will not get a good ranking in mobile results…

Access to CSS and JS files for mobile: Google robots must have access to all template files or shells of your site in order to upload the site in full mobile.

Unnecessary mobile files: Some files that are unnecessary for displaying on mobile are like Flash files and files that are special for the desktop version.

Use the mobile version for the shell: On some sites, there are two versions of desktop and mobile for your site that this is by no means advisable and will reduce your access to the pages of SEO to a good result. It will not have.


Additional notes on the Gadgeon or Mobilegeddon mobile algorithm

  • The mentioned points should be observed on all pages of the site.
  • If you do not comply with the above, you will never be able to rank well in mobile results.
  • Please note that this will have a huge impact on the quality of your site’s user experience and will improve the overall ranking of the site in Google.
  • Currently, most smartphones are being shipped in the world and in Iran, and you should be careful about using Gadodar Mobile Devices so that you can significantly increase website traffic.


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